[OBSIPtec] OBSIP Functional Specifications Available

Robert Sohn rsohn at whoi.edu
Wed Jun 29 05:10:51 PDT 2016

Dear OBSIPtec -

My only comment would be that it would be very useful to have the  
long-duration short period instruments be capable of determining the  
orientation of the horizontal sensors. The most important benefit from  
my point of view would be the ability to accurately determine/model  
focal mechanisms for microearthquake studies. If the orientation of  
the sensors is known then the amplitude ratios between  SV and SH  
phases can be used to constrain the focal mechanisms, which is  
essential for events with non-double-couple mechanisms - i.e., if the  
orientations are not known it is not generally possible to constrain  
non-DC events.


Quoting Brent Evers <brent.evers at iris.edu>:

> OBSIPtec -
> The OBSIP Oversight Committee has developed functional  
> specifications for OBSIP instrumentation intended to guide the  
> facility in future OBS development.  These functional specifications  
> also provide visibility into the instrumentation requirements  
> necessary to meet current and future science investigations to other  
> groups including vendors, partner facilities, and users.
> The functional specifications are forward looking and do not  
> represent the current capabilities of the OBSIP fleet, but rather,  
> the desired capabilitites.  Furthermore, these functional  
> specifications are subject to change at any time.  Any feedback  
> regarding their adequacy, or changes required, is welcomed - please  
> contact the OBSIP Oversight Committee Chair.
> The functional specifications are divided into three instrument  
> types - broadband, short period and short period long duration, and  
> are accessible via the following page on the obsip.org  
> <http://obsip.org/> website:
> http://www.obsip.org/instruments/functional-specifications/  
> <http://www.obsip.org/instruments/functional-specifications/>
> Brent Evers
> Project Manager
> OBSIP Management Office
> Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
> 1200 New York Avenue, NW
> Suite 400
> 202-682-2220 x156
> brent.evers at iris.edu

Robert Sohn
Associate Scientist
Geology and Geophysics Department
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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